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Tournament and League sponsors may now download, in PDF format, applications, fee reporting forms, and NRA Award Coupons Order Forms for NRA sanctioned tournaments and leagues. To simplify the process, applications are listed separately for Pistol, Rifle, High Power Rifle, Black Powder Target Rifle, Silhouette, and Leagues. NRA National Record Reporting Forms are also available to be used for Registered Tournaments only.

Application Approved Registered
Pistol - Conventional, Action Pistol, & International Style Download Download
NRA Distinguished Revolver Application   Download
NRA National Defense Application Download  
Distinguished Revolver Report Form   Download
Step Reporting Form – High Power Distinguished Rating Download
Rifle - Smallbore and Air Rifle, including BB Gun, International Style, Air Rifle, and Position Air Rifle Download Download
High Power Rifle - Across the Course, Long Range, Mid-Range Prone, Fullbore Prone, Sporting Rifle, & 300 Meter Download Download
Black Powder Target Rifle - Mid Range Position & Prone, Long Range, NRA Muzzle Loading Rifle & Pistol, International Style Muzzle Loading Download Download
Silhouette Rifle & Pistol Download Download
Sanctioned Leagues    
Pistol Download  
Smallbore/Air Rifle Download  
High Power Rifle Download  
Silhouette Download  
NRA Special Tournament - Special Tournaments are those which would be difficult or impossible to sanction under normal NRA Sanctioning Rules and regulations. Download  
Fee Report - NRA Tournaments (Registered & Approved) - Not to be used for Sectional, Regional or Silhouette tournaments Download  
Fee Report - NRA Silhouette Tournaments - To be used for Silhouette Registered, State Championships and Regional tournaments Download  
Fee Report - NRA Sanctioned Leagues - Includes all shooting programs Download  
NRA National Record Report Form - For Registered tournaments only (Not Silhouette)   Download
NRA National Record Report Form - For Registered Silhouette tournaments only   Download
NRA Award Coupons Order Form - For use by tournament sponsors only Download  
Sample Match Program - For use by tournament sponsors only Download  

Tournament sponsors are reminded that in order for a tournament to be sanctioned, applications and programs must be received by NRA a minimum of 45 days in advance of the tournament date for Registered Tournaments, and 30 days in advance of the tournament date for Approved Tournaments.

In order to be listed once in the Coming Events section of Shooting Sports USA, applications and programs must be approved by the NRA Competitive Shooting Division by the 15th of the month, three months before the month of issue.

If you have any questions please call the Tournament Operations Dept. at 703-267-1459.

What is the difference between an Approved or Registered Tournament?

A Registered Tournament is the more formal of the 2 types. Differences between the 2 types of competitive tournaments are:

  Approved Registered Rule
Scores used for classification Yes Yes 19.4
Scores used for National Records No Yes 17.5
NRA registration fee per competitor (remitted after the tournament is fired). This is explained in sponsor's packet Yes Yes Gen'l Reg. A7, B7
Competitors must be NRA members No No 1.6(f)
Minimum number of shots required No Yes Gen'l Reg.
A5, B5
NRA classification or category system must be used Optional Yes Gen'l Reg. A4, B4
NRA ID number is required for classification purposes in all NRA Sanctioned Tournaments. Should a competitor not have an NRA ID number, they will be assigned a special number that allows their scores to be entered into the computer for classification.
Fixed award schedule No Yes Gen'l Reg. A6, B6
Tournament officials competing Only Supervisor cannot compete See Sec 11 in appropriate rule book. 11 & Gen'l Reg
A8, B8
Official Referee assigned by NRA No, Sponsor selects Supervisor Yes, with the exception that a 3-member jury will be assigned by the Tournament Sponsor for tournaments below the State Championship level. 11.2.1
Sponsor required to furnish each competitor with Official Bulletin No Yes Gen'l Reg. B12
Program prepared and distributed by Sponsor Yes Yes 21 & Gen'l Reg. A2, B2
* For High Power Rifle Tournaments - Only the Match Director, Chief Statistical Officer and Official Referee may not compete.
The General Regulations, referred to above, are not the same for all NRA shooting disciplines. You should read the "Appendix" in each rule book for the General Regulations for that discipline.