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Smallbore Rifle

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Looking for scoring gauges?

There are now two sources for these:

Champion's Choice 1-800-345-7179 sales@champchoice.com www.champchoice.com
Mike Jochum 402-228-0206 mikej10x@diodecom.net

NRA Distinguished Air Gun Program

Did you know you could earn a Distinguished badge in Sporter and/or Precision Air Rifle? This prestigious award can be earned by placing in the top 10% at the Indoor National Championships and the National Junior Air Gun Championship. You must be an NRA member and you can only earn two steps per calendar year. Start working towards this award today!

The following general conditions have been approved by the NRA Air Gun Committee to govern the earning of these awards:

The Award: There are two separate medallions and lapel pins that be earned by each individual who successfully completes the requirements for each discipline: 3 Position Precision Air Rifle and 3 Position Sporter Air Rifle. Individuals who earn this award in both 3 Position Precision Air Rifle and 3 Position Sporter Air Rifle will receive a Double Distinguished pin.

Steps: Each individual NRA member who places in the top-scoring 10% of the overall results in each of the designated tournaments will earn a step toward an NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award. This includes any competitors who have already attained the NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award. Each competitor who makes the same numerical score as the last score in the high 10% will be awarded a step toward NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award. Inner tens will not be used as part of the numerical score to break ties.

Award of NRA Distinguished Air Gun: A shooter who earns a minimum of 4 steps will be presented an NRA Distinguished Air Gun Award under the following provisions:

  • At least one step must be earned for competition in the NRA National Air Gun Championship and Training Summit.
  • A maximum of 2 steps of the Distinguished Award may be earned for official credit during one calendar year.
  • A certificate will be issued for each step a shooter earns. No step certificates will be issued after a shooter has earned the distinguished award.
  • Steps may be earned toward 3 Position Sporter Air Rifle or in 3 Position Precision Air Rifle, but cannot be earned simultaneously. If the individual is working on earning both, 3 Position Sporter Air Rifle must be completed before any steps are accomplished in 3 Position Precision Air Rifle.

NRA Distinguished Smallbore Rifleman Award

The NRA Distinguished Smallbore Rifleman Award can only be earned in competition by scoring in the top 10% of an Open Regional and National Championship (Indoor and Outdoor). One award is designated for the prone shooter and another for the position shooter. The NRA Double Distinguished Award is also available to competitors who have won both the Prone and Position Smallbore Rifleman Award. Contact Lois Wenzell to request yours. See the Smallbore Rifle Rule Book for more information. To view a current list of recipients for the Distinguished Position and Prone award click on the appropriate list below.

National Records

We receive applications for National Records almost weekly. National Records cannot be recognized without the proper documentation, validation, and fired targets. According to the NRA Smallbore rifle Rules the National Record Reporting Form MUST be approved by the statistical officer and validated by either the Referee or a member of the jury. The Match director is not authorized to validate National Records (Rule 17.5). Applications for National Records that are not complete will be returned to the Tournament Sponsor.

NRA Smallbore Rifle Light Rifle Program

The NRA Light Rifle is great program for shooters who wish to shoot competitively without the expense of the top-of-the-line equipment. Leagues are being formed for the fall and tournaments are being set-up. Want to try something fun and different - try light rifle.

Tournament sponsors are being ingenious in their approach to setting up tournaments. One sponsor fired an NRA Regional on a Saturday using the NRA Conventional 3-Position course of fire and then shot another Regional on Sunday using the NRA 3-Position course of fire. At the end of the second day, the sponsor added the two aggregates together for a special aggregate.