Silhouette National Championships

2015 Silhouette National Championship Program

2015 National Championship Registration

2015 National Silhouette Championships
Date Championship Location
March 20-22 Air Rifle Baton Rouge, LA
June 29 - July 2 Cowboy Rifle NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM
July 6-7 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Scope NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM
July 9-10 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM
August 2-4 Smallbore Rifle Ridgway Rifle Club, Ridgway, PA
August 6-8 High Power Rifle Ridgway Rifle Club, Ridgway, PA

The Hunter's Pistol, Smallbore Hunter's Pistol, Hunter's Pistol Metallic Sights, and Smallbore Hunter's Pistol Metallic Sights National Silhouette Championships scheduled for 2015 have been discontinued.  There has been a lack of interest in participating in these championships for the past 7 years, based on the declining attendance. Due to this, and the escalation in costs associated with hosting such a championship, it has been determined that the championships listed are no longer viable and will be discontinued.  Should significant interest be generated in the future, we will re-evaluate the matter for possible reinstatement.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NRA Silhouette Department at

Entry cards will be available April 1, 2014. Write now for yours and be sure to specify the Championship(s) you wish to attend.

Write or call:
NRA Silhouette Department
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-267-1474